CropZoomer will solve a real issue in the large scale agriculture industry today.


Our crop intelligence works.

Our crop intelligence grows.

Our crop intelligence transforms.


CropZoomer's mission is to provide farmers with actionable crop intelligence while contributing more broadly toward global food and water security.


The agriculture industry is under immense pressure due to the growing world population and increasing scarcity of fertile land.  However, our combination of smart sensor technology and big data analytics has the potential to mitigate these challenges, by increasing agricultural efficiency and reducing environmental pressure.


CropZoomer uses physical and statistical intelligence to transform sensor data into actionable information, used by farmers and agronomists to optimise farming enterprises and ensure profitable agriculture.  We also integrate currently-scattered data sources to provide new opportunities for analysis.



Early warning system
Using drones, farmers can eliminate problems before they get out of control, saving costly resources while reducing pressure on the environment

Save Time
Traditional means for crop scouting are time-consuming and don't give farmers a full overview. Drones will point you to the right location at only a fraction of the time.

Easy to use
CropZoomer translates drone data into accurate, actionable information for professional farming enterprises by using intelligent algorithms which are seamlessly integrated with farm management software.

Crop Health
Our information will show you exactly how your crops are progressing, including their fertilizer status, irrigation alerts, and yield forecast. Our intelligent algorithms will make the static data come alive to make the right decision at the right time, more accurately than ever before!



Bert Rijk
Bert has years of experience using technology to optimize farming. Growing up on a farm, he learned to harvest the results of hard work. His experience will make sure the CropZoomer intelligence is aimed to provide practical solutions for agricultural professionals.

Wim Bastiaanssen
A leading expert in the field of remote sensing, Wim firmly believes that drones will ensure the revival of remote sensing. Combining decades of experience with his farming background, Wim is set to develop the most advanced crop intelligence to-date.

Lucas van Oostrum
Co-founder of multiple drone companies, Lucas is focused on creating fully autonomous drone systems in order to make the technology truly scalable. Lucas ensures that CropZoomer has the latest technology at hand.

Paulo Bello
Multiple high-level functions and years of experience in the commodity sector have made Paulo a creative investor and business developer, with a passion to create sustainable & commercial business cases.




The King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander and The State Secretary for Economic Affairs Martijn van Dam payed a visit on location to hear and to see the potential of this intelligent smart sensor technology to enhance agricultural efficiency and reducing environmental pressure.

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